How does it work?


  • your current/future customer buys beer from you
  • he agrees to a certain offtake for a certain period of time
  • you will provide a bonus (money, free beer, glasses..)
  • customer is awarded the bonus only if he fulfills the contract


  • bonus is an excellent on-trade and off-trade tool
  • on-trade means selling directly to restaurants, or pubs
  • off-trade means selling to supermarkets, or distributors
  • bonus can be either money, free beer or pub equipment


  • management has a new source for strategic decision making
  • financial department has a perfect overview of bonus investments
  • sales people have all data and documents in one place


  • customer portal allows them to directly apply for a bonus
  • they can see if they sell according to the signed contract
  • they can clearly identify benefits of working with you

Bonus process

  • SUPERVISOR fills contract parameters
  • sets start / end of investment
  • adds customer data from the list
  • if multiple POCs in one contract are possible, adds them from the list
  • sets OPEX, CAPEX, other investment
  • multiple Volume plan by POC and Brand
  • uploads a scanned copy, if mandatory
  • multiple investment approval levels based on investment value, duration, payments split
  • data changes locked during approval
  • email notification of approval
  • approval status monitoring
  • allow approver to return bonus back (previous approval role, SUPERVISOR…)
  • generating hard copy of contract according to set conditions
  • signed contract scans uploading
  • contract ID and signed date assigning
  • application contract data verification before bonus activation
  • monitoring of contract volume achievement
  • offtake history automatic upload from SAP
  • export / manual import from PION BackOffice
  • payment execution according to volumes
  • booked expenses execution
  • extend bonus during fulfillment in case a condition changed
  • close bonus after effective duration
  • cancel bonus during effective duration