PION is on-trade & off-trade tool

Sell beer smarter and faster with our application!

How does it work?


  • your current/future customer buys beer from you
  • he agrees to a certain offtake for a certain period of time
  • you will provide a bonus (money, free beer, glasses..)
  • customer is awarded the bonus only if he fulfills the contract


  • bonus is an excellent on-trade and off-trade tool
  • on-trade means selling directly to restaurants, or pubs
  • off-trade means selling to supermarkets, or distributors
  • bonus can be either money, free beer or pub equipment


  • management has a new source for strategic decision making
  • financial department has a perfect overview of bonus investments
  • sales people have all data and documents in one place

What does it do?

PION will make your work easier

forecast revenue , and based on the contract proposition, recommend to accept or refuse the requested bonus investment

plan the dynamics of bonus transactions to your customers and report the whole process

manage bonus programs from the contract creation to approval process and fulfillment checking

Clear benefits

7 things PION will help you to achieve

  1. on-trade & off-trade business tracking in one place
  2. it will show you when the investment returns
  3. it checks on regular basis if the contract/offtake goes as planned
  4. it prevents and replaces non-systematic Excel table solutions
  5. connects online & offline to SAP
  6. significantly reduces the human error factor
  7. works on standard web browsers, no need to install or service anything

PION already works in these breweries

beer brands in 6 EU countries

Staropramen a. s.

PION at work since 2010

Second largest brewery in Czech Republic, sold 3,16 million hl last year.

Bergenbier S. A.

PION at work since 2014

Romanian brewery has been on the market since 1994.

Apatinska Brewery

PION at work since 2014

Serbian brewery, well known for its special claims for each brand.

Pivara Trebjesa

PION at work since 2014

The only brewery in Montenegro.


PION at work since 2015

Brewery with one fifth of the Bulgarian beer market.

Zagrebačka Pivovara

PION at work since 2014

Croatian brewery with a long history.

Sell beer smarter and faster with our application!

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